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The Secrets of Real Estate Website Branding

The Secrets of Real Estate Website Branding

His shiny face reinforced his image for all of those people who recognized the advertisement.

However, when he polled people who hadn’t seen him before, a different story emerged.

The types of people who visit a web site come in 2 basic types:

  1. Those who know you and respect you
  2. Those who don’t know you and aren’t looking for a sales pitch

Paying attention both types will give you better results.
Branded users come for the relationship: insight, timely information, interaction. If you’re a real estate agent and ask “Why would I want a blog?”. How about… to showcase your local insight, interact with visitors and provide regular information to reinforce your personal brand?

Unbranded visitors want the product: properties, photos, virtual tours, maps, tools, IDX solutions. These site visitors will focus on a positive answer to their internal question… “Can I find what I’m looking for?”

10 Ways of Building Your Personal Brand with a Real Estate Blog
1. Offer something of value, your “Unique Selling Proposition” or “USP”
2. Provide timely relevant information
3. Repeat your message frequently
4. Allow your visitors to interact with you
5. Plan for the future by understanding your industry today
6. Make sure your message is consistent
7. Brand yourself by your interests, whatever you have a good amount of knowledge in
8. Give back by helping others
9. Participate in other real estate industry blogs, forums, social networks
10. Don’t forget to network yourself in offline meetings and groups

How to Appeal to Unbranded Website Visitors
1. Provide a property search function that allows users to search or browse properties more effectively than your competition
2. Always provide a “call to action” so visitors will contact you
3. Provide up-to-date property information
4. Have mapping tools so visitors can place each property into geographic perspective
5. Invest some time learning how to take quality photos so you can showcase all your listings with plenty of pictures
6. Make sure your listings have a virtual tour
7. Provide mapping tools so visitors can place each property into geographic perspective
8. Build trust: show real testimonials backed up with references
9. Showcase your local insight (try tying it together with maps, IDX property directories or searches)
10. Tell us what works for you! Leave comment below

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