Our Mission is your success.solving your problems.increasing your bottom line.

Making businesses more productive on the web by providing business analysis, enterprise level design and application development focused on solving real world business problems, creating stronger customer relationships and improving your bottom line.

Our Philosophy and Advantage

At MetalSoftware, we believe for today’s companies to succeed, technology must improve processes, make stronger relationships and impact the bottom line. Our user-centric methodology, focus on strategic advantage and depth of experience are paramount in helping our clients reach their goals.

MetalSoftware focuses on delivering true strategic advantage to clients and directing them away from the rush-to-market pitfalls of the Internet boom. Additionally, our component-based development process allows us to meet the unique requirements of each customer by utilizing our growing library of pre-built software components.

Leveraging these pre-built components and our partnerships with market-leading technology companies, MetalSoftware is able to give customers high impact solutions and faster time to return.


Our Core Values – The Keys to Our Future

Accountability – We follow through on our commitments
Commitment – To excellence and to ensure the success of our clients by understanding their business and providing positive impact
Integrity and Trust – We deliver on expectations and increase our positive reputation
Respect – We are mutual partners, our communication is open and direct and we value the balance that rules our interaction.
Results – We leverage the depth of our experience, our values and principles to achieve superior results.


Why should you call us?

We’re driven and to the point. Our clients bottom-line results and satisfaction are our focus.

What is in it for you?

  • An assessment of your specific needs
  • A definition of services to be performed
  • Detailed product/service specifications
  • Verification of performance
  • Documentation and training
  • Solid, proactive and secure solutions
  • Expert service and support
  • Bottom-line results

Our History