Domain Transfer Procedure


“our Registrar” means the ICANN accredited registrar who is authorized to register global Top Level Domains and who we, the provider, use to register domain names through our web site.

“current Registrant” means the person or entity which is the presently the legal owner of the domain name.

“gaining Registrant” means the person or entity to whom the ownership of domain name is being transferred.

“Ownership” means ownership only by one person or entity and excludes joint ownership (At this point in time the Transfer of Domain Name Policy (“the Policy”) prohibits joint ownership).
1. The current Registrant initiates a domain name transfer to one of our other members by logging in through our web site with their username and password at:

2. The current Registrant selects “Organization Contact” from the main menu and then edits “Organization Contact Information” to reflect new ownership. If contact information is the same for the Admin, Billing or Technical contact, the Registrant can choose to “Also Apply these changes to” > “Yes” selectively. When finished, the Registrant chooses “Save Configuration”. If different contact information is required for any of the contacts, each contact will have to be chosen from the main “Manage Your Domain” menu and edited individually. The Registrant then updates “Name Servers” from the main menu to reflect the new domain owners DNS server information.

3. On our behalf, our Registrar will send a confirmation email to the current Registrant notifying them that their transfer request has been received.

4. Our Registrar has five (5) days to explicitly approve or deny the transfer. If the transfer request is approved, both the current and the gaining registrant will be informed via email. If the transfer request has not been confirmed within the allowed time then it will be approved by default and the current Registrant will be notified via email. The current registrant has the opportunity to revoke the transfer by logging into their account through our web site.

5. Once approved by our Registrar, the current Registrant must contact the gaining Registrant and give them the confirmation password.

6. The gaining Registrant has five (5) days to login to their account through our web site with their username and password and select the pending transfer. Failing to confirm in the allowed time will result in a default rejection. The gaining Registrant may then:

Approve the transfer by reviewing and accepting our Service Agreement;
Supplying the correct confirmation password and paying for a minimum one (1) year term on the domain. The gaining Registrant will see the newly acquired domain name in the User Summary screen; or
Reject the transfer, in which case, the domain transfer request is aborted.

7. On our behalf, our Registrar will inform the current Registrant and gaining Registrant via email whether the gaining Registrant has approved or rejected the transfer.