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Your business website needs to make a profit. This requires the planning of a content-rich site that capturesconverts site visitors into sales.

At MetalSoftware, we combine beautiful sites with useful functionality and professional website inbound marketing.

Here are some of the Internet marketing services we provide our clients:

Marketing ServiceWhat we doWhy we do it
Search Engine IndexingIntroduce all your pages properly to search engines with a 100% crawling rate and 99.5% indexing rate. We keep this process running as long as you are a customer.As a website owner, you can have thousands of links on your site but if all those don't get noticed by the search engines they are simply a big waste of time.
Social Media AutomationCreate and manage your social media profiles to connect with your customers on the top social networking sites like:
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.
Some 78% of people now use a social networking site of some kind. Social networks are now an excellent way to reach out to your customer base and engage them.
Content MarketingWrite new pages, blog posts, ebooks, press releases, whitepapers, and infographics to encourage natural links.Fresh content is one of the most important things you can add to your site. If it's something a website visitor would want it will naturally improve your search engine traffic. It helps you establish your web site as a top resource for your products and services.
SEO Onpage OptimizationTailor the content and structure of your pages and match your market specific search terms to actual user searches.The content of your website is an essential factor in how people to find your site. We track down the keywords that actually get traffic and optimize those in your content.
Authority Site ManagementCreate and manage your profiles on content sites that have an audience, but are not social media websites.Authority websites get large amounts of traffic. Establishing and managing your presence on these sites allows you to capture new traffic you would not normally get.
Press ReleasesDraft and distribute your press releases to all of the major online news outlets.You'll get instant exposure and lasting benefits of authority links created by each press release.
PPC Pay-Per-Click AdvertisingSetup and manage your PPC campaigns optimized to your market and budget.Properly targeted PPC advertising is one of the fastest ways to test new product acceptance and drive traffic quickly.

What about SEO link building?, & look at backlinks to a site and use some of that data to determine the ranking of websites. . Today, there are good links and bad. Your SEO should not attempt to beg, borrow or steal links; that’s bad for your site. You should focus on creating something worthwhile that people link to naturally.

If you have any bad links, we can perform a link audit to see which ones should be reported bad to the search engines to clean up your backlink profile.

What about reciprocal linking?
Search engines want to rank the most comprehensive websites the highest. This fact means that their intention is to give the highest rankings to websites that have the most legitimate, editorially given links. It’s a good idea to exchange links with trusted resources: a site to which you might actually give referrals or one that is really useful to your site’s visitors.

However, trading links with every site in the country simply to influence the search engines will cause a website lose rankings. Your best bet is to concentrate on creating a site that visitors will want to link and/or refer business to.

Why should I link to other sites?
When you link to other sites naturally, that’s normal and encouraged. Search engines will not punish natural links.

Link quantity vs. link authority?
Link authority means the search engines think it’s a good resource. It is be based upon the following: 1.) Backlinks from popular sites.  2.) Outgoing links. 3.) The natural text of those links.

You want the best natural links from the most popular sites on the web. You can see the ranking of popular sites at

Is optimizing my site a one-time thing?
Search engines constantly make changes to their formulas for ranking websites. You also have competitors who want to be #1. It is absolutely necessary to maintain an effort to expand and improve your website. The amount of effort is dependent upon:

  1. How much the site listed above or below you wants to fight for position.
  2. Whether the sites above and below you actually know how they got there or care how to improve.
  3. How much and often the search engines tweak their method of ranking sites.

When will I begin to see results from my website marketing?
As of March 2014, most search engines have been locating, indexing and ranking new web sites within 6 months. Some search engines may act faster or slower. This is only a guideline based upon previous experience.

Can you guarantee this will work?
What makes a marketing campaign successful is doing what is logical. We ask, “What things can a search engine do to find the best site for this term?”, more specifically, “What can search engines analyze?” and “What will they regard as good?”

We know search engines can analyze:

  1. Your pages and determine what they are about
  2. What sites you link to
  3. What sites link to you
  4. What the sites that link to you are about

It is logical that search engines will regard as good:

  1. Professional, well thought out content containing terms you should and want to rank for
  2. Links to your site from other sites that are also regarded as authority websites
  3. Incoming links from pages that a related to the topic of your site
  4. 4. What the sites that link to you are about

Search engines state themselves what is bad:

  1. Shadow domains (another web site meant to point to yours)
  2. Doorway pages (Presenting different content to search engines than you display to users)
  3. Multiple aliases or falsified domain registration info
  4. Getting traffic from “fake” search engines, spyware, or scum-ware
  5. Links from bad websites that are not indexed in the search engines
  6. Stuffing pages with irrelevant words
  7. Hidden text or hidden links
  8. Trading or buying links just to manipulate your results

We strictly follow the search engine guidelines each search engine company publishes online.

Beware of Search Engine Promoters that claim to guarantee rankings, or that claim a “special relationship” with search engines. The plain fact is the search engine companies are the sole decision makers in how to rank sites in their systems and have a right to change their methods.

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