Real Estate Websites IDX vs. VOW Data

What is VOW (Virtual Office Website)?

  • A VOW is where the public can enter, provide contact information, get a password, describe property interest, and then conduct searches of all available MLS listings.
  • The Participant can display all available MLS listings.
  • All listing information details can be displayed.
  • Display rules are set by the MLS.
  • The visitor becomes a bona fide customer / client.
  • VOW is a business site.

What is IDX (Internet Data Exchange)?

  • An IDX web site is where the public can enter and conduct searches of available listings.
  • The participant can only display listings allowed by other participants.
  • Limited listing information details are displayed.
  • Display rules are determined by your MLS, listing broker and the displaying broker.
  • The visitor remains an anonymous visitor while searching. (Until they use your info request form).
  • IDX is an advertising site.

IDX and VOW web site comparison chart:

 IDX (Internet Data Exchange)VOW (Virtual Office Websites)
Public is:Site VisitorCustomer / Client
Search is:Allowed listingsAllowed listings
Display has:Allowed itemsAllowed items
Display rules:MLS, Listing Broker, Displaying BrokerMLS
Public reveals:NothingContact info, Property interest
Listings scope:Outside MLS possibleMLS only
Opt-out:Total, SelectiveBlanket, Selective
Site is:AdvertisingBusiness Office
Rules applied:IDXVOW

Items required to use IDX or VOW:

IDX (Internet Data Exchange)VOW (Virtual Office Websites)
SearchClient contact information
Display disclaimerTerms of use agreement
User ID and password
Search criteria
Search functiont
Display disclaimer

Comparing a real brick-and-mortar office to a VOW:

 VOW (Virtual Office Websites)Real Office
Public is:Customer / clientCustomer / client
Search is:Available listingsAll listings
Display has:All allowed itemsAll allowed items
Public reveals:Contact info, search criteriaContact info, search criteria
Site is:Business OfficeBusiness Office
Rules applied:VOWMLS
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