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The Secrets of Real Estate Website Branding

His shiny face reinforced his image for all of those people who recognized the advertisement.

However, when he polled people who hadn’t seen him before, a different story emerged.

The types of people who visit a web site come in 2 basic types:

Those who know you and respect you
Those who don’t know you and aren’t looking for a sales pitch

Paying attention both […]

Web Design Guide – Part 1: Great Colors in 3 Simple Steps

Need a color scheme for your site? Don’t fret. Let a photo be your inspiration.
You can generate great colors fast using digital photos.

If you’re on a life-or-death deadline… skip to “Bah! I’m too busy!”

Still up for it? Great! Here’s how:

Step 1: Find some inspiration
You can use your own stock photo collection or visit some of these websites to find some […]

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